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Zingther Super Tacky Professional Grip Overgrip Tape for Tennis Racket, Squash Raquet, Racquetball Racquet and Badminton Racket (6-Grip, Blue/Black)

Zingther premium super tacky overgrip is called SUPER OVERGRIP because it features super tacky, soft, rubbery cushioning, strong self adhesive and high-stretch felt for optimal grap feel while sweat absorbent and keeps dry. It’s professional quality level. You don’t need to worry about losing grippy control with your racket when you have Zingther Super Overgrip on it. Amazingly, it is durable and thin. This is the very best quality tacky grip tape for tennis rackets, badminton raquets, racquetball (racketball) racquets, squash rackets, softball / baseball bat, golf grip and pickleball paddle if you want a tacky feel and sweat absorbent. It will have better performance when used with Zingther premium leather grip as the handle cushion grip. The included finishing tape is able to stretch well so that it can secure the grip tape as well as electric tape. The materials are imported from Taiwan which has a good fame to make high quality PU and polyester materials. 3-grip pack,6-grip pack,12-grip pack and 24-grip bulk pack are available, White, Black, Sky Blue, Orange, Purple and Neon Lime Yellow are available. These colors are favored by men, women and kids. A common tacky overgrip only has a protective film on the front side, and our super tacky overgrip has a protective film on both the front side and the bottom side. Please peel off both films before you wrap the overgrip to the handle. Don’t use the bottom side as the top side.

Product Features

  • Super tacky, soft, rubbery, strong self-adhesive, durable and sweat absorbent
  • Exclusive high-stretch rubbery elastomer felt
  • Easy to Apply and Organize: Each grip has a tapered end with adhesive for easy and secure wrapping as well as a finishing tape included. Each 3 grips come in a blister for safe storage.
  • Dimensions: 47.2 ” (length) x 1″(width) x 0.02″(thickness), to meet high performance demand.
  • Color and Pack: white, black, orange, purple, sky blue and neon lime yellow available. 3-grip blister is a basic pack. 6-grip pack and 24-grip bulk pack packages include 3-grip blisters.
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