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WHIZZ A730 High Modulus Graphite Professional Badminton Racket Amateur/Intermediate / Club Players (Sky+Blue)

Product Features

  • Premium intermediate-level badminton racket for experienced / club players. Racket came pre-strung at about 26 lbs. If you prefer higher tension, this high-end racket can easily withstand a maximum tension of 30 lbs.
  • Solid-cored technology enhances the strength and reduces the torsional twist, which enables you to feel less vibration and clearer sound to hit the shuttlecocks.
  • The racket Frame / Shaft / Handle are made of 100% high modulus Graphite. It’s light and durable. Racket without string weighs 80 g, and 85 g when strung.
  • The 7mm slim graphite shaft offers great durability and gives excellent energy transfer. With large hitting surface, isometric head shape allows you to respond and strike back effectively.
  • Package content: 1x High Modulus Graphite badminton racket + 1x Breathable grip tape (Blue) + 1x Racket bag
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