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VICTOR Badminton Racket Racquet BRAVE SWORD 12 4UG5 Graphite Frame Unstrung Top Model

The even balance badminton racquet is tend to do many things very well. This middle ground is very helpful for league and social players who want a great racquet. The BRS12 feels strong in delivery of overhead clear with the super-fast frame cutting through the air to delivery additional speed to the shot. This is one of those racquets where you feel you could play all day and not be fatigued.

Product Features

  • Weight : 4U
  • Length : 675 mm
  • Balance:HH○○●○○HL (HH=Head Heavy—HL=Head Light)
  • Shaft Material: Ultra high modulus graphite+Nano Resin +7.0 shaft
  • Frame Material : Ultra high modulus graphite+Nano Resin
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