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Vermont Tyro Badminton Rackets | Three Sizes: 21”, 23” & 27” | The Perfect Beginners Racket | Durable Aluminum & Steel Racket Frame | Ideal For Schools & Clubs (27″ (Senior))

Product Features

  • ENTRY LEVEL RACKET – The Vermont Tyro has been specially designed to assist players who are picking up a badminton racket for the very first time. Whether it be a youngster looking to forge their way into a badminton career or a senior player trying out badminton for the first time, with three different sizes available, you’ll be able to find the perfect racket, no matter what your age.
  • SCHOOLS & CLUBS – These rackets play to a very high standard, offer excellent longevity and represent fantastic value for money which is why they are an absolute must-have for schools and facilities who regularly deliver badminton sessions to large groups. Each racket comes with a racket cover included so you can keep your rackets protected when they’re not in use.
  • HIGH QUALITY RACKETS – What sets these badminton rackets apart is there extremely high-quality, despite being such low cost. Manufactured using a blend of premium-grade materials, the racket shaft is engineered from heavy-duty steel whilst the racket’s head is made using aluminum. This combination gives the Tyro excellent durability as well as top-quality playing characteristics.
  • CHOICE OF RACKET SIZE – With three different sizes on offer, the Vermont Tyro is a badminton racket that considers all ages, so you can be sure to kick start your badminton career in style. The three available sizes are: 21″ (Kids), 23″ (Junior) and 27″ (Senior). Please select the size of the racket you wish to select above.
  • MATCH THE PROCOURTS – The Vermont Tyro features a stylish blue and yellow design which matches it with our Vermont ProCourt Mini Sets. Available in a variety of different sizes, our Vermont ProCourt Mini Sets are perfect for badminton training or simple backyard fun!
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