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Tennis Racket Grip Tape Tacky Overgrip Variation Color – 12 Pack, Ultra Absorption and Good Anti-Slip, Wrap around Badminton Racquet, Squash Handle, Racquetball,Beach Tennis,Pickleball Paddle and More

Japan Microfiber Polyurethane Leather, Cotton
Color: White, Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Gray, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink Purple, Fluorescent Green
Dimension (Length x Width x Thickness): 43.3 x 0.98 x 0.03 inch (1100 x 25 x 0.75 mm), and suitable for tennis badminton squash rackets and more.
12/Dozen Pack Tennis Racket Grips in Bulk
Remove the overgrip from the package and take off the long strip covering the adhesive side of the tape;
Hold the racquet with the handle pointing upward;
Place the tapered end of the tape at the bottom of the handle;
Place it as close to the end cap as you can and hold it down with your thumb to get ready for the first wrap;
Keep the overgrip tight while wrapping and wrap slowly so you dont get wrinkles in wrap;
Wrap up the handle, overlapping the overgrip by ¼” or so;
You want the replacement grips to be thicker at the bottom than it is at the top.Once the overgrip is applied, use the sticky tape that came with the overgrip and secure the handle.
If you have a rubber tape cover, use that to cover the area and you are done.

Product Features

  • The soft tacky overgrips provides advanced moisture absorption and faster drying – 180% Wm – Proprietary Breathable PU Tech – new moisture wicking fabric
  • The tennis racket grips offers a semi-tacky feel without being sticky, good cushion help to reduce shock and vibration. High traction, non-slip surface, doesn’t come off in hot, humid climates.
  • Universal compatibility: not just improve the handling of your tennis racquets, bat, and any other handle type sport; you can use it on many other items as well including bow handle, garden tools, lacrosse sticks,softball bats, hockey sticks, beach tenni, also fit to golf, fishing rod, bike handlebar, motorbike handlebar, bike bar and baseball bats, hammer and other home tools.
  • Re-usable waterproof storage bag features a zippered edge, which help to keep individual over grips dry and fresh; and conveniently packaged for the frequent player.
  • Color long-lasting, durable and available in several colors.
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