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Senston Overgrips Pack of 5/10/15 Racquet Overgrips Tennis Badminton Squash Racket Overgrip Anti Slip Racquet

A. Senston Overgrip Parameter:
1. Color: Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green
2. Length x Width x Thickness: 43.3″ x 1″ x 0.03″ (110mm x 25mm x 1mm)
3. Weight: 8g for each piece
4. Material: PU (these racket overgrips are made of good quality PU material with thin and good-stretch felt surface
5. Application: the racket overgrip is suitable for tennis, badminton, squash, racket ball racket, also fit for fishing rods, bike handlebars, motorbike handlebars, etc.

B. Methods of Operation for the racket grip:
1. Tear off the plastic film from the overgrip and tear the double-sided tape at the end of the grip
2. Begin winding from the bottom of the racket, fixed and compacted. After the hypotenuse is completed, begin winding. Due to the different diameters of the bottom bracket and the wooden handle, the first two round please use more strength to wrap it tightly
3. After three rounds of winding, you will enter the stage of the wrapped wooden handle. At this stage, use less strength to wrap. When wrapping around the front handle of the handle, please use more strength to wrap it tightly
4. Cut off the extra part and cut into a hypotenuse as the picture
5. Tear off the sealing glue and then wrap the sealing glue around the seal part
6. Finished

Product Features

  • SIZE & WEIGHT – Size: 43.3″ x 1″ x 0.03″ (Lengthx width x thickness); Weight: 0.3 oz; Packing including: 10pcs overgrip, each color 2 piece
  • MATERIAL- High quality soft PU material and thin thickness provide a better sense of racket. Sweat absorption and water resistance is strong, and no peculiar smell
  • ANTI-SLIP GRIP – Enhance sweat absorption, with great anti-slip effect ensure lossless batting strength, protect and prolong the life of your racket handles
  • SUITABLE FOR – Badminton / squash / tennis / pickleball racket, fishing poles, bike handlebars, stroller handles, walking sticks, etc.
  • GOOD AFTER-SALES SERVICE – If you have any problems after the purchase, you can feel free to contact us. We have the best service team to solve all customer’s questions and problems
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