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Premium Iron Alloy Frame Nylon Cable Oval Frame Indoor/Outdoor Professional Badminton Racket Set with Carrying Bag – for Both Offensive and Defensive Players, Good for All Levels

The lightweight resin joint makes the frame more stable and powerful.

Product Features

  • ★ Oval frame design, improve the mechanical structure of the racket, can effectively offensive and defensive, sweet area is further expanded on the basis of the square frame, even if the non-sweet area can maintain sufficient accuracy!
  • ★The original high-strength thread protector hole, elasticity, good toughness, better protection of the plume, prolong the service life of the plume, and also enhance the close combination of the line and the edge.
  • ★T-joint and ferroalloy shoot rod design, good stability, strong handle, strong toughness, more rapid force, not easy to loosen, improve feather beat resistance, prolong life!
  • ★Pure black high-grade handle, with high elasticity and recovery, cushioning, anti-skid, anti-sliding, anti-skid, sweat hand, feel better, the back of the base design to effectively prevent falling off in the movement, sliding hand, grip comfortable.
  • ★ Ultra light wood handle, light weight, high strength, not easy to break, long-term use. The low wind cone cover effectively reduces air resistance and increases flexibility.
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