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OPPUM Graphite Badminton Racket Integral Moulding Craft Racket Full Carbon Fiber Material Lightweight 1 Player Badminton Racquet-White

Oppum is a well-known brand with long history in racket market ,we are committed to search and develop better racket items ,provide the best products and service to all our customers. We promise you that our products are 100% guarantee and spare no effort to meet customer’s requirement ,wish you have a satisfied experience with our products.

High Quality
Full carbon fiber material makes this racket more durable and not easy to break

High Tech Frame Design
Frame is also made of full carbon fiber, makes it light and durable ,combine with carbon nanotube can increases its repulsion power toughness and impact strength for the racket significantly

Comprehensive Advantage
This is newly kind design badminton racket ,and the high-grade material ,the best price ,the best quality than other similar items ,it is comparable and worth to buy.

Color Choice:Black/White/Pink/Blue/Gold
Bar material: Graphite Face/Full Carbon Fiber
Maximum Length: 67±0.3CM
Maximum Width(Net Paddle): 25.2±0.3CM
Handle Length:20.5±0.3CM
Net weight: about 88±3g
String tension: 26-28lbs
Quantity:1 PCS

Package included:
1* Rackets,1* Carrying Bag, 1* Grips

Product Features

  • Graphite Face Material Racquet: This Racket is made of Graphite Material ,include the frame ,paint on the outer layer which makes it extremely highly quality and lightweight, offer you an excellent experience of badminton game
  • Super High Tension String Advantage: High intense of the string enables it durable and hard to break , The Isometric Square Head Shape frame structure and nanometer material enable it endure high pounds string ,which can reach 28 pounds, no need to change frame shape ,means it is more effortless than most of other items while playing badminton
  • Intergral Moulding Craft and Powerful T-Joint Design: Built in integral moulding craft ,inside with T-Joint design creates durable and powerful racket ,which has improved the stability and achieve high-precision control performance ,avoid deformation from cracking ,dropping while playing badminton competition , more durable and unparalleled power makes it last longer using life.
  • Square-shaped Isometric Frame Shape: This is designed to keep vertical strings at a similar length, and the horizontal strings to produce an expanded sweet spot in all directions, this larger sweet spots can improved hit rate ,it will also enhance the defense and increase the effective range
  • Quality Assurance: All Oppum Products are with 100% quality assurance ,you can buy our products rest assured ,and with the high-grad quality graphite material makes it approximate 88g,it is slighter and more friendly-use than other ordinary badminton racket
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