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LI-NING 2018 Badminton racket SuperLight Windstorm 500 Red Yellow Badminton Racquet Get Strung

Brand Name: Li Ning  
Material of racket: TB-NANO carbon fiber
Weight (g):W1;
Racket Handle Thickness: S2
Equilibrium point : 298 mm;
Length of racket: 675 mm;
Racket Hardness:Soft
Recommended Pull Pounds:18-30 lbs
Play Classificaiton: Speed Type
strings :If you choose with strung, default is Li-ning No.7 string, 24 lbs. If any different request, please contact seller
Package content:
1 x Badminton racket
1 x Gift grip(random color)
1x full cover

Product Features

  • Original Li-ning racket
  • 30 lbs at most
  • TB-Nano Carbon Fiber
  • World’s leading sports brands
  • Quality Approvals
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