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FJZ Perforated Super Absorbent and Anti-Slip Racket Grip for Tennis Overgrip,Badminton Overgrip,Squash Rackets,Fishing Poles,Racket Bike Bar and More

Package content:
1 x Overgrip , 1x adhesive tape

Material: PU Leather + Rubber
Color: blue,red, yellow, orange
Length: 43 inch
Width: 1 inch
Thickness: 0.06 inch

1. Use the high quality PU leather to make, nice feeling.
2. Good anti-skid, elastic, absorb sweat, feel is good.

Before use, please tear off the protective film in the racket grip.
Adhesive tape has the letter “TAAN” ,which is tied to Racket Grip.The function is to keep the Racket Grip stable.

Steps of the uses:
1. Tear the outer black tape and put it aside
2. Stick the double-sided tape to the back of the overgrip
3. Tear the double-sided tape on the end of the grip
4. Wind the overgrip from the bottom of your racket handle to the top end
5. Tear the tape reserved in the first step and wind it on the top end

Comfortably protect your palm.

Help to reduce the power waste and save your energy.

Suitable for tennis rackets, squash rackets, racquetball rackets, badminton rackets, fishing poles, bike handlebars, stroller handles, walking sticks, football table bars, pull-up bars, pickle ball paddles, softball and baseball bats, dumbbells, Ping-Pong paddles and more.

Product Features

  • Anti-slip, absorb moisture and comfort feeling.
  • Amplified traction ,provides a balanced feeling.
  • Perforated design, remove moisture effectively, very suitable for players who sweat easily.
  • Tapered starting end fore easy application; top choice of touring pros.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee. Contact us if you are not satisfied with it. We’ll process full refund or send you a replacement without returning or any additional conditions.
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