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FANGCAN Perforated Tennis Wrap Over Grip Pack of 3 (Black)

NOTICE: Please tear off the film on the surface of overgrip before wrapping

Winding Tips: At the begining and end of wraping stage, please use more strength to wrap it tightly, then at the middle stage, use less strength to wrap.

Product parameter:
Item: FCLG-01
Material: PU (Environmental friendly)
Style: Embossing, Film, Sticky
Demensions: 1130mm Length, 25mm Width, 0.8mm Thickness
Weight: 10g for each piece

Product Features

  • 44.5″ long, 1″ wide, 0.03″ thick
  • Perforated design remove sweat well on humid days, offer good shock absorption
  • With a small line of foam along the middle of back would make the handle a little thick
  • Idea for tennis/badminton/squash rackets
  • Package include: 3pcs overgrip
Badminton Court