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Children’s Badminton Racket 2 Sets of Students Racquet School Sports supplies-2pinkand2

Product category: badminton racket
material: aluminum alloy
cable material: nylon
Applicable object: children entertainment
color: pink 2, blue 2, pink blue 2

Product Features

  • The physical frame core blocks the harmful vibration caused by the impact when hitting the ball by adding a solid filler inside the frame structure.
  • The single-pass sleeve hole structure provides a more flexible threading mode of the threading mode, and arranges separate line holes for each string to create a high-performance line bed.
  • Made of high-precision iron alloy, it ensures the strength of the middle pole, and also enhances the rebound force of the racket, strengthens the offensive and promotes the attack. The material of the ferroalloy is more durable and strong.
  • Zinc alloy + nylon buckle with nylon toughness and flexible shrinkage; zinc alloy is practical and elegant
  • The hitting range uses the IS0 square technique to increase the number of horizontal and vertical lines that constitute the effective area of the line bed.
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