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Apacs Z Ziggler (Green) Badminton Racquet

What Does the Package Comes With?
1) Apacs Z Ziggler (Green) racket * 1 piece
2) Apacs String * 1 piece (Includes stringing service. Please state your preferred tension, if any)
3) Apacs Grip * 1 piece (We will leave the grips unwrapped; unless instructed otherwise)

Cosmetics Inspired By Yonex Voltric Z-Force II

Highlights of the Rackets:
1) Triple Speed System
Combines lethal smashes with fast racket handling. This produces immediate power during smash and also facilitate your swing during short-range rallies. 
2) Extra Slim Shaft
Helps you make speedy shots and provides extra attacking options. Coupled with a heavy head, you can now execute fast and powerful shots that will blow your opponents away 
3) Compact Frame
The headsize of this frame has been reduced in order to improve swing speed. Aided by an extra slim shaft, air resistance is reduced and thus racket handling is enhanced without sacrificing the power of the racket. This is truly the ultimate weapon for fast and aggressive play.

Product Features

  • Weight: 85+/-2g, MaxTension: 38lbs
  • Balance: 290 +/-3 mm (Head Heavy)
  • Flex: Medium, Shaft: Extra Slim
  • Construction: High Modulus Graphite with lpn
  • Grommet System: 76 Holes, Length: 675mm
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