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Apacs Training Racket W-160 (Red/Black)

What Does the Package Comes With?
1) Apacs Training Racket W-160(Red/Black) * 1 piece
2) Apacs String * 1 piece (prestrung at 23lbs)
3) Apacs Grip * 1 piece (We will leave the grips unwrapped)

Highlights of the Rackets:
1) Graphite Material
The frame is made with high-quality graphite that strengthens and stabilizes the racket. It gives the racket a solid feel as well as enhances its attacking power.
2) Aero Wide Frame
Aero frame has low air resistance, hence it touches the shuttlecock earlier. In addition, a wider frame results in a heavier head. This enhances the smashing power of the racket.
3) 72-Hole Grommet
The traditional 72-hole stringing pattern generates more spin on the shuttlecocks. It also exerts less strain on the frame, hence making it more durable

Product Features

  • Weight: 160g, MaxTension: 30lbs
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Flex: Stiff Plus, Aero Wide Frame
  • Construction: Graphite
  • Grommet System: 72 Holes
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