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Apacs Nano Fusion Speed 722 (White) Badminton Racket Free String and Grip

What Does the Package Comes With?
1) Apacs Nano Fusion Speed 722 (White) racket * 1 piece
2) Apacs String * 1 piece (Includes stringing service. Please state your preferred tension, if any)
3) Apacs Grip * 1 piece (We will leave the grips unwrapped; unless instructed otherwise)

Nano Fusion Speed 722 is a balanced racket and its light weight make it easy to handle. You can execute your shots with ease and power.

Highlights of the Rackets:
1) Reinforced Structure
The frame is made with high-quality graphite that strengthens and stabilizes the racket. It gives the racket a solid feel as well as enhances its attacking power. 
2) Slim Box Frame
Increases swing speed and generates solid hitting feel, producing an improved overall execution  
3) Nano Sponge Carbon Tech
The Nano Fusion Technology provides greater strength and perseverance. It holds large amount of energy on impact, and releases it back like an arrow. It affords you depth and control in your game. The strength and flexibility of Nano Fusion Tech will lead your game into a new level.

Product Features

  • Weight: 76-79g, MaxTension: 30lbs
  • Balance: 285 +/-5mm (Even Balance)
  • Flex: Medium, Slim Box Frame
  • Construction: 24 Tonne Japan High Modulus Graphite
  • Grommet System: 72 Holes, Length: 672mm
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