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Ashaway ZyMax 62 Fire Badminton String Set-Fire Orange

Ashaway ZyMax 62 Fire Badminton String Set features the perfect combination of repulsion and speed. The string offers BETA Polymer multifilament core that increases stiffness and elasticity by 25% and ZyWeaVe core technology to prevent tension loss. Gauge: 0.62mm. Length: 10 meters (33 feet). Color: Fire Orange. Made in the USA. MFG#: A14143.

Product Features

  • ZyMax 62 Fire is a professional grade players string that provides world class shuttle speed and repulsion power.
  • Gauge: 22 / 0.62 mm
  • Core: BETA Polymer ZyWeave
  • Outer: BETA Polymer Microfilaments
  • Recommended Tension: Up to 30 lbs.
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