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LI-NING Badminton Trainer Men’s Professional Badminton Training Sports Shoes AYTN025-2 US 8.5

Li-Ning Company–a leading athletic footwear and apparel company founded by Chinese medal-winning gymnast Li Ning in 1990.
With 27 years development, the Brand has became the representitive national sport brand of China.
The company based on Beijing, qualified with the ablity of marketing, design, produce and retail, already built a huge supply chain and retail network around the world.
With the Slogan”Anything is Possible”, the company encourage the change and pursue the breakthrough.
Upper & Vamp Material:Synthetic Leather and Textile. Tread: Rubber and IP
1—ERGONOMIC TOE:The shoes toe designed ergonomicly which is very comfortable to wear.
TPU materail are used to make the toe which is very wearable.
2—XTRUCTURE :It is a tighten device for the heel.It can adjust the tightness based on the needs and comfort.
It provides good protection for the strong demand on anti-rollover,such as badminton and tennis.
3—MULTIFLES AND GROOVE DESIGN:with groove design make it more easy to bend when in sports and will rebounce soon.
4—PROBAR LOC:It is a thermoplastic stablizing device embedded in the arch of the foot
to connect the forefoot and the heel for offering support function to the arch during
the propulsion phase,This device allows the arch of the foot to get better support in
every step when touchdown as to reduce trhe pressure of the arch of the foot.

Product Features

  • PROFESSIONAL: Professional badminton sneakers designed with various kind of technologies such as X-structure, cushion, breathable, anti-slip, grab and wearable.
  • FASHION: Beautiful bright color which is eye-catching in badminton sports area and easy to match any clothes, you can also wear them in daily occasions.
  • HIGH QUALITY: ALL the shoes are of superior quality. NO THREAD OUT, NO STAINS, NO DAMAGE! All the parcel will be checked twice before send out.
  • SHIPPING: The shoes will be send with shoes box, outside the shoes box will be wrapped with a bubble bag in order to let you get a pair of perfect badminton sneakers.
  • GUARANTEE:size not OK? Money-back! quality not satisfied? Money-back! do not like it after several monthes wear? Money-back!
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