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Camel Womens Running Shoes Breathable Lightweight Shockproof Casual Walking Shoes Athletic Fashion Sports Sneakers(Green,7.5D)

Ten years of research and development of Light Wing Technology, strict selection of 38 lightweight materials, make light running shoes for the runners, each material of the upper and sole follows a combination of high performance architecture and lightweight. You don’t have to tangle to lightweight or function, the lightness and quickness of every step are the progress of science and technology.


Flyknit Technology -Fine-knitted, breathable and wear-resistant.

Durable – Reinforce stable support, improve stability and effectively protect your feet.

MD Sole – Soft and highly elastic outsole, effective cushioning, decentralized ground acting forces.


Outsole: MD sole + rubber

Upper material: fabric/high peel PU

Function: shockproof + anti-slip + breathable + Support + Balance

Side material: linen Fiber + Breathable Mesh + Flyknit Technology

How TO Choose Camel Shoes Right Size According To Your Feet Length

Feet Length 23 cm = 6 D(M) US

Feet Length 23.5 cm = 6.5 D(M) US

Feet Length 24 cm = 7 D(M) US

Feet Length 24.5 cm = 7.5 D(M) US

Feet Length 25 cm = 8 D(M) US


Our shoes had undergone laboratory tests, field tests, and long term running tests in order to provide you with a reliable, approved and tested product.


(1)Hand wash only with fresh water

(2)Do not tumble dry

(3)Do not use bleach

This is a couple models shoes, male models please click on the following link:

Product Features

  • ➤Breathable Upper — The mesh hole surface is connected with the spandex thread and the cloth bottom surface, forming a 3D mesh fabric structure, which improves the air permeability of the shoes and gives you a dry and comfortable wearing experience.
  • ➤Multifunctional Sole — Energy-MD large bottom is made of thermoplastic, lightweight and shockproof, with a resilience of up to 70%. It has a comfortable walking experience that gives consideration to both height and beauty, and makes every step feel soft and comfortable.
  • ➤Anti-skid and wear-resistant— X-curvature groove design, in line with the foot structure curve, can be drained in time when wet, and keep feet away from skidding.The sole is made of tough wear-resistant rubber material, which can withstand repeated friction and is more durable.
  • ➤Lightweight and comfy— only weight 232g, enough lightweight, Light enough to be comfortable. The thickness is less than 2MM, reducing the weight of the shoe while allowing the upper to be soft and breathable, Suitable for different foot types.
  • ➤APPLICATION: These are women’s walking shoes, but it also have the characteristics of casual shoes. The stylish appearance make it suitable for many occasions, such as: gym, running, casual walking, traveling, outdoor activities and so on. For you and your family, friends bring a comfortable experience.
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