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Yonex Voltric Z-Force 1 Badminton Racket (Green, rare find)

I have here for sale is a very good condition, genuine Yonex Voltric Z Force badminton racket (version 1, green color). As you may already know, it is a discontinued model and is one of the very sought after rackets which is not very easily found in the market. Most of the voltric Z force rackets that you may be able to find would be the purple color limited version, this one is a little rare. I collected about 30 of such discontinued, genuine rackets and i decided to sell most of them. I am taking pictures and listing them here on ebay (please check my other listings, I will keep posting new listings as i find time to do so). I dont have the bags for these since i gave them off thinking that I wont be needing those. All the rackets that i am listing here are 100% genuine and wont have any cracks in the frame. Some of them may have some paint chips and I will be showing them in pictures clearly. It will cost some money to buy the bubble wrap, box for shipping the racket safely. I will be listing these free shipping, but I feel that my price is fair considering the ebay fees, paypal fees and shipping costs.

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