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Shusuen Girls Soft Sole Princess Flat Shoes Summer Sandals Hot Pink

Size(CN):21 Insole Length:13.5CM/5.3″ Recommended Age:15-18Months EU:22.5 UK:5.5C US:6.5C Sutable For:Toddler
Size(CN):22 Insole Length:14CM/5.5″ Recommended Age:18-24Months EU:23 UK:6C US:7C Sutable For:Toddler
Size(CN):23 Insole Length:14.5CM/5.7″ Recommended Age:2-2.5Years EU:24 UK:7C US:8C Sutable For:Toddler
Size(CN):24 Insole Length:15CM/5.9″ Recommended Age:2.5-3Years EU:25 UK:7.5C US:8.5C Sutable For:Toddler
Size(CN):25 Insole Length:15.5CM/6.1″ Recommended Age:3-3.5Years EU:26 UK:8C US:9C Sutable For:Toddler
Size(CN):26 Insole Length:16CM/6.3″ Recommended Age:3.5-4Years EU:26.5 UK:8.5C US:9.5C Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):27 Insole Length:16.5CM/6.5″ Recommended Age:4-4.5Years EU:27 UK:9C US:10C Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):28 Insole Length:17CM/6.7″ Recommended Age:4.5-5Years EU:28 UK:10C US:11C Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):29 Insole Length:17.5CM/6.9″ Recommended Age:5-5.5Years EU:28.5 UK:10.5C US:11.5C Sutable For:Little Kids
Size(CN):30 Insole Length:18.5CM/7.3″ Recommended Age:7Years EU:30 UK:11.5C US:12.5C Sutable For:Big Kids
Size(CN):31 Insole Length:19CM/7.5″ Recommended Age:8Years EU:31 UK:12C US:13C Sutable For:Big Kids
Size(CN):32 Insole Length:19.5CM/7.7″ Recommended Age:9Years EU:32 UK:12.5C US:13.5C Sutable For:Big Kids
Size(CN):33 Insole Length:20CM/7.9″ Recommended Age:10Years EU:33 UK:13C US:1Y Sutable For:Big Kids
Size(CN):34 Insole Length:20.5CM/8.1″ Recommended Age:11Years EU:33.5 UK:13.5C US:1.5Y Sutable For:Big Kids
Size(CN):35 Insole Length:21CM/8.3″ Recommended Age:12Years EU:34 UK:1Y US:2Y Sutable For:Big Kids
Size(CN):36 Insole Length:22CM/8.7″ Recommended Age:13Years EU:35 UK:2Y US:3Y Sutable For:Big Kids

Product Features

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