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Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Badminton Net with Rope Cable Top, 21′ L x 30″ H

Enjoy hours of active and competitive entertainment with this great badminton net.

Product Features

  • 30-inch x 21-foot official size yellow badminton net
  • Rope cable top keeps your net taut
  • 4-inch sleeved side pockets reinforce and prevent snapping
  • 1-Inch reinforced vinyl top and bottom tape with braided sides and bottom
  • Yellow net tape for high visibility, even at night
  1. Excellent net This has worked out really well for us and provided for a lot of fun. Took a bit of doing to erect it and thanks to advice from other buyers we were successful. We pounded some rebar into the ground (on an outward angle) and slipped PVC pipe on top of that. It was still a bit flexible so we tied one side off to a tree. The net slips up and down a bit on the poles which proved to be a good thing because my 22 year old son has taken to jumping over it!! 

  2. Not sure what some are whining about. Great net. This net was a way better option than anything at Dunhams or other sporting goods stores. Nets available at most big box discount stores are either too small vertically or the holes are too large. This puppy is just right and it looked exactly like the image in the listing. My pool is 20×40 and this net crossed it perfectly. It’s great for badminton and pool volleyball both. Seems sturdy enough and a season of chlorine and beating hasn’t hurt it. Not sure what others found wrong with this…

  3. perfect for my practice The quality is very good and would recommend it to anyone, only concern is there is a string on the top of the net to tie it on either side to make the net stay upright. So by mistake if you pull it on one side it is very very difficult to get it back. may be the company can tie a knot or add something so that it does not go in even pulled my mistake.

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