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Pair of vintage badminton spoons – for cereal, jam, pickles

Indulge your passion for badminton! This a beautiful old vintage pair of silvery metal spoons with an image of crossed badminton racquets and a shuttlecock. I picked these up in an antiques shop in Great Britain and brought them home. There is no hallmark that I can see. I liked them because of the quaint art deco style embossing on the handle stems. And I played badminton often as a youth back in Britain. There is some discolouration in the bowl of one spoon and on the bowl back of the other, but it does not distract from the fine solid feel of these spoons in your hand. They can be used for cereal, jam or pickles. Or just add them to your spoon collection. This would make a great gift for your badminton partner! Thank you for looking.

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