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Lot of 2, Vintage PRO-SPORTS Badminton Set w 4 Racquets & New OLD Shuttlecocks

The Racquets although vintage look good and smart. There are no holes in the strings, they are holding up nicely. This purchase consists of a lot of 2. First lot being, the set. The second lot being the canister of three unused shuttlecocks. Old Stock like new. The set includes [4 Badminton Racquets. 5 used Shuttlecocks. 2 Pegs with string around them, Directions & Plastic Carrying case.] In addition a vintage canister of shuttlecocks. New, Old Stock. 3 in canister. These have never been used. On the canister it states Spalding-Carlton Plastic Badminton Shuttlecocks Indoor #151. A.G. SPALDING & BROS. CHICOPEE MASS MADE IN ENGLAND. Please notice Condition Description and pictures.

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