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Eagnas DEN-3600 Tennis Badminton Racquetball Racquet Portable Stringing Machine

Eagnas DEN-3600 Tennis Racquet Portable Stringing Machine. Overall very good condition condition. Comes with everything you see pictured. Specifications: Six-point, hold-down mounting system with self-centering shoulder-support arms Drop-weight (gravity) tensioning system Linear ball bearing string gripper with spring clutch (ratchet) 10-90 pound tension range, kilogram scale available 360 degree swivel bar 2 all-metal floating clamps (flying clamps) Handle any diagonal stringing (fan patterned frames) Features: Patented automatic self-centering shoulder-support arms (patent no. 33142, 4706955, 4,706,695) Six-point mounting system provides 14-point support and eliminates any racquet distortion. Hold-down mounting accessories are provided for maximum supports Universal V-shaped side supports handle all types of racquets from long-body to badminton and easy to operate. Padded head and throat mounting posts secure any frame (including deep V-shaped throats), no cosmetic damage to any frame. Upgraded and impressive frame retainers protect against scratching the frames finish. All-metal Linear ball bearing string gripper grips the string automatically. There is no string pull or muscle to use. Also no crimp or damage to any string. See operating procedures. Stainless steel ratchet (spring clutch) string gripper makes stringing much easier and faster without need to clamp and repull. See operating procedures. 2 drop weights for constant pull tensioning 2 deluxe all-metal floating clamps: 1 PN-3089 and 1 PN-3090 All-metal machine base with level-adjustable pads Tools: 1 6mm Allen wrench, 1 3mm Allen wrench Free stringing tools: 1 DP-507 diagonal cutter, 1 NP-500 needle nose pliers, 1 BS-809 tennis awl and 1 PN-3092 string mover User’s manual Free illustrated stringing tutorial guide: show you how to string racquets step by step String all racquets: oversized tennis, tennis, squash, racquetball, and badminton Handle widebody and long-body racquet stringing Enjoy fast and secure shipping. As always photos should be considered part of the description. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks. Seller:northjerseypickers

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