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Decoq Mini Badminton Set for Kids with 2 Rackets, 2 Balls and Cover, Hot Outdoor Racquets for Children (Blue)

Frame Material: Steel
Frame Size:21cm x 21cm/8inch x 8inch

String Material: Nylon

String Tension: 18lbs

Grip Length: 18cm/7inch

Length: 45cm/18inch

Each Racket Weight:100g-120g

Package: 2 x Rackets + 1 x Ball + 1 x Birdie + 1 x Cover

Are you searching for right size racquet for children to attract them to learn badminton ?

Yes, Badminton is the right activities and Decoq Badminton Racket is the right choice for kids.
The Decoq badminton racket is the perfect size for children between 3 years to 12 years’old, but it is not only for children.

It is also a very interesting game for adults to play with your kids in house, garden, park,beach. From the beach to the boardroom, you can play anywhere with anyone!

Using Bigger Sweet Spot Racquet with Long handle, Children can easily hit the Shuttlecock and Ball.

Steel Rackets are sturdy.

Colorful Cover tied storage ball tube is much Portable for picnic, family trip and school travel. Different Colors for your choose, your honey would love it! Mini Badminton is also a fantastic way to introduce racquet sports to children, as it allows them to build the hand-eye coordination necessary for competitive racquets sports like tennis and squash.

Product Features

  • Badminton set with colorful rackets!
  • Two giant sized rackets with short handles are perfect for kids.
  • Stringed hitting area on racket makes it light and fast.
  • Include ball and Birdie which is suitable for kids’ play.
  • Great for playing indoors and outdoors!
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