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Characteristics: “Take the shuttle early” is a key to success in badminton and Black Knight’s Photon 40T racquets react and accelerate up to 20% faster than conventional frames. With superlight nano-carbon materials and a finely tuned distribution of weight and flex, these racquets seem to react to your thoughts, yet still deliver the power of much heavier racquets. The Power Channel groove enlarges the string surface without increasing head size for greater control for delicate shots and a more dynamic rebound for power. The Vibra Plate Technology stiffens the head against torsion on impact and interrupts the transmission of shock through the frame to the handle. 40T carbon fibre adds strength to the frame for higher stringing tensions than before. The result: a powerful racquet with excellent control on off-center shots, and with the sensational acceleration of the Super Light series. Designed for: Advanced to international level Frame: High tension Power Channel / Vibra Plate frame with nano Carbon 40T String: Sold unstrung. String Tension: 21-30 lbs recommended for best play Rigidity (RF): 82 Avg. Frame Weight: 75 grams Area: 362 Balance: Head heavy Reaction Speed: 9.5 Power: 9 Control: 9.6 Overall length: 67 cm

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