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Badminton Racket Full Carbon Adult Racket Ultra Light 72 Grams Offensive And Defensive Professional Competition Badminton Racket

Frame material: carbon fiber
Specifications: 1 stick
Weight: 80g (inclusive) – 84g (inclusive)
Handle thickness: G4
Rod hardness: moderate
Racket type: pen-hold
This product is a single shot price [need to shoot two shots]6U shot: Weight 72-75 grams Pounds 22-30 pounds Balance point 295mm
 Ultra-light 72g feel, smooth control, strong swing flexibility
4U shot: Weight 82-85 grams Pounds support 22-30 pounds Balance point 295mm
 Offensive and defensive, both offensive and offensive, set performance in one
Quick smash, increase the strength of the frame and increase the shock absorption to maintain the stability of the frame.
Stable counterattack, highly sturdy shock system for precise smashing.
The high-density fiber rod enhances fast attack and is suitable for killing the ball.

Product Features

  • Only provide you with the highest quality products – our badminton rackets are very lightweight, easy to use and made of high-quality materials to ensure their strength, durability and longevity.
  • High-grade handle, high elasticity and recovery, cushioning, anti-slip, anti-slip, anti-slip, anti-sweat feel, better feel, back base design to effectively prevent the movement from falling off, sliding hands, comfortable grip.
  • Full carbon fiber racquet: Made of 100% carbon fiber, the high durability of the mesh line increases strength and stability, enhances performance, including frame, outer coating, making it extremely high quality and light weight for you Provide an excellent experience badminton competition.
  • 6U shot: Weight 72-75g Pounds 22-30 lbs Balance point 295mm, ultra-light 72g feel Smooth control Swing flexibility. 4U shot: Weight 82-85 grams Pounds support 22-30 pounds Balance point 295mm, offensive and defensive both offensive and offensive performance in one control freely.
  • Guarantee: We provide good after-sales service. If you have any problems after purchase, you can contact us at any time. We have the best service team to solve all customer problems.
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