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First fill the base with water or sand, then connect the three bases together with the accessories, connect the adapter, connect the string to the pole, connect the other end to the special badminton, and finally connect the long pole to the base. Get started together.

Material: plastic
Elastic rod length: approx. 3.3 m/130in
Water injection base: 3 layers
Base diameter: 210mm/8.26in
Bar shortening: 640mm/25in
Type: automatic jump
Weight: about 800g
Applicable group: suitable for adults, old men, children to sports.

Packing List:
1*elastic rod
3*water injection base
40*elastic line
1*basic connection
3*badminton balls

Product Features

  • Telescopic elastic rod can be up to 3.3m/130in long and only 64cm/25in after telescoping, and the length can be adjusted freely.
  • Badminton training for one person;Made of plastic, this badminton trainer is lightweight and durable.
  • The height of the badminton ball can be adjusted freely, and the elastic line can be freely cut and connected.
  • 40 high strength elastic lines come with excellent elasticity and strong toughness, each of which is about 2.6 meters and can be used for about 20 days.
  • The 3-layer water injection base weighs about 2.8kg when it is filled with the water. If it doesn’t hold the water, its total weight is about 0.3kg, making it convenient to carry along.
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