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2 Pcs Badminton Rackets, Lightweight Sturdy Micro Carbon Fiber With Bags

The item is for 2 new Badminton Rackets – a Micro Carbon Fiber composite badminton racquet. A newly developed model usingmost advanced technology, with a decent warranty.Dragon bone design: There are some ridges around the inner part of the head frame from 4 o’clock to 8 o’clock positions. They are like muscle waves, but more like bone ridges. The bone ridges reinforce the lower portion of the head frame and makes the racquet more powerful. These ridges are called ‘dragon bone’ structure for the model given the painting of the racquet is like a dragon.Shaft: Micro Carbon Fiber meshed with HM graphite shaff makes this racket extremely strong and stable during light touch and hard smash. Median stiff (flexibility 8.5). Head: ‘Dragon bone’ head frame technology make the racquet strong with explosive power. Oval shape head with wide body, wide-body frame width about 12mm. This is great offensive racquet.Length: 26.38 inches, or 670mm.String: top quality CY multifiber 22G, .70mm string, tension about 20-23 lbs. The string color may not be the same as in the photo. Weight: 3U (85-89 grams) or 4U (80-84 grams) for frame weight (with a base grip). Grip size should be equivalent to Yonex G4 or G5. The total circumference of the handle is about 3 1/4 inches.Balance point: about 275-300mm from the end of the handle. Very similar to most Yonex racquets.It is a very high-end racquet and certainly good for tournaments.If you have any concern after receiving the item, please contact me via ebay message. Please do not open an ebay case against me. We will address your concern.Domestic priority mail usually takes 2-3 business days, but we can not guarantee USPS’s speed.Domestic shipping delivery confirmation: USPS’s delivery confirmation does not have timely tracking for domestic shipping.Mostly, it updates all the tracking information after it is delivered. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is how USPS does tracking.The price here does include a full thermal case.

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