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Yonex Badminton Racket Racquets Muscle Power Series MP2 2PCS Rackets with Carrying Bag Isometric Head

Muscle Power Frame

MUSCLE POWER FRAME integrate the frame and string like no other racquet.
For players who seek fast movement and effortless power with an easy feel.Lightness

It is very lightweight with advanced aluminum material.
Special heat treatment processing method is excellent in elasticity.

Aluminum T-joint

It is tightly connected and has strong power transmission.

Isometric Shape

The muscle power frame is carefully crafted to ensure that maximum levels of repulsion power are reached.
Muscle power locates the string on rounded archways that eliminate stress-load and fatigue through contact friction.
The construction creates total unity of the string and frame through closer and tighter contact Available: Strung.

Nonslip Grip

It is processed with high-grade materials, there is no slippery.

Product Features

  • 【Size】26.8inch
  • 【Weight】0.2lb
  • 【Materials】Aluminum frame, steel shaft
  • 【Composition】Rackets 2PCS, Case
  • 【Applications】Game, Hobby
Badminton Court