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Mens GYM Bodybuilding Workout Sport Shorts 2pack #1 l

Normally ,this kind of shorts always be broke in the seam ,we use 90% Solid Simulated Memory fabric(75D Terylene) , anti broke, wrinkle .maturity and fashion ,cover in the knee . easy to washing and dir fit quickly .

Product Features

  • 08.12.2016 we had changed correct size .Use the better solide fabric,sewing————————————S size fit 28-32 inch…M size fit 32-34…L fit 34-36…XL fit 37-40…XXL fit 40-44
  • Not include lining, 90% Solid Simulated Memory fabric(75D Terylene)
  • Solid sewing perfect fit for Running ,GYM, Badminton,Homewear,Tennis,Swim, Outdoor,Beach holiday.Dry-Fit light weight thin fabric
  • Elastic waistband with string .Shorts with 3 pocket
  • Wear-resisting,no fade color.————-High Anti wrinkle
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