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GUYUEXIAN Badminton, Duck Feather Training Competition, 12 Packs, Professional Game Ball, Professional Production

Resistance to play, long use time

Name: Badminton

Ball material: composite cork

Feather material: duck feather

Badminton speed: 76/77

Specifications: 12 / tube

Suitable for the crowd: professional competition

Features: anti-war, stable flight

Product Features

  • 1, select high-quality duck feathers, thick flakes, stable flight, resistant to fight, used for professional competition, 12 / cylinder, we specialize in making, choose our badminton, victory belongs to you.
  • 2, high-grade duck feathers, feathers arranged neatly, feathers dense, rich in fiber, soft wood. Duck feathers are thick and strong and have a high hardness.
  • 3, the environmentally friendly glue is evenly applied, so that the connection between the ball head and the ball head is tighter, the distance between the hair rods is uniform, and it is not easy to be broken. High-density coils, superb craftsmanship and excellent stability.
  • 4, composite cork ball head, enhance the overall elasticity and resistance of the ball, resistant to hitting the ball, long-term use is not easy to deform.
  • 5, 100% test of badminton to ensure stable badminton flight. The landing site is accurate and the flight speed is increased.
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