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Wembley Complete Badminton Set with Two Collapsible Rackets, Jumbo LED Birdie and Standard Shuttlecock, Best Backyard and Beach Games Fun for Kids and Adults, Extra Large Bird Lights Up for Night Play

Rackets and birdies

The Wembley Complete Badminton Set features two collapsible rackets with soft foam handles, a jumbo LED shuttlecock and a standard birdie. All you need to start playing is some space and a net. It’s the perfect travel set to take to the beach, park or court as you improve your skills.

Jumbo LED shuttlecock

Play day or night with the jumbo LED shuttlecock. The larger size makes it great for beginners, and the built-in lights lets you keep the fun going past sunset.

Double the fun

What’s better than one-on-one? Pairs! With two sets, you can double the excitement of a standard game and make your tournaments even more fun. It’s the perfect way to play and great for family and friends.


Complete set for quick play

Collapsible rackets with foam-wrapped handles

Jumbo LED shuttlecock for night games

Standard birdie for improving skills

Multiply the excitement and fun with two sets

Package Contents:

Two collapsible rackets

Jumbo LED shuttlecock

Standard birdie

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Product Features

  • ✔ TAKE THE CHAMPIONSHIP: The Wembley Complete Badminton Set comes with everything you need to throw your own backyard or beach tournament with friends and family. There’s nothing like going for the win to get you active outdoors!
  • ✔ COLLAPSIBLE RACKETS: This badminton kit includes two rackets with removable handles for easy storage and travel. Simply screw the handles back in when it’s time to go for the rally!
  • ✔ JUMBO LED SHUTTLECOCK: Perfect for night play, the jumbo shuttlecock lights up with LEDs when it’ hit so you can keep the fun going longer.
  • ✔ REGULAR BIRDIE: Up the difficulty and practice your badminton skills with the standard-size birdie.
  • ✔ EXPANDABLE SET: Want to take your games from one-on-one to two-on-two? Double the fun with two kits!
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