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AHHC INC Badminton Racket Set of Two Players/ Case with Accessories -Yellow

Magnetic telescope to adjust different net heights, to increase the stability of the box can be filled with sand, etc.
Badminton net, volleyball net, tennis net (with support / frame)
Portabe to anywhere
Play badminton in the park, on the beach, or in a back yard. Can be mounted on any flat surface for competitive fun wherever you are.
The transport case works as a base for the network, you can configure it on almost any flat surface, there are no necessary tools.
There are no stakes or necessary Tools.
The base is completely independent, so it is not in play to put on the ground or long-time configuration. Also, there is no need to mow the lawn around your badminton set.
Easily move from one place to another without any hassle.
Package includes:

Product Features

  • Portable Badminton Set
  • Ideal to play in the garden. Packed Case and easy to carry!
  • Light case works as Base Net.
  • Dimensions: 118.11 * 59.05 inches; Weight: 661.387 lb.
  • It can also be used for Tennis or Volleyball
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