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Li-Ning Multi Control N90-III S-Type Badminton Racquet

The Multi Control N90-III S-Type badminton racquet is a more aerodynamic badminton racquet thanks to Li Ning’s ground breaking 3D Break Free Technology which reduces air resistance which yields faster smash speeds. Dynamic-Optimum Frame technology delivers exceptional offensive and defensive play characteristics and includes an enlarged sweet spot for high repulsion performance. The frame’s Aerotec-Beam System minimizes air resistance while maintaining the strength of the frame to give you a competitive advantage. Aerodynamic engineering techniques are used to deliver Wing Stabilizer technology for reduced vibrations and torsional forces. This allows the racquet frame to recover faster making subsequent strokes significantly more accurate and consistent. Li Ning’s flagship technology, Bio-Inner-Core, improves shaft flexibility and enhances the overall control and feel of the racquet. MPCF Reinforcing Technology is a multi-layer of carbon fiber that adds reinforcement, strength and durability to this racquet. MPCF combines with TB Nano Powertec (a special nanometer carbon fiber) to improve strength without compromising the overall weight of the racquet.

Product Features

  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Weight: 85-89 grams (3U)
  • Balance: 295 mm
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