Li-Ning Mega Power Breakfree N80-II Badminton Racquet

The Mega Power Breakfree N80-II badminton racquet has Li Ning’s ground breaking 3D Break-Free Technology for a more aerodynamic frame. As a part of the Mega Power Series, the N80-II is specifically designed for big power, offense and attack oriented badminton players that want to play with maximum power. Dynamic-Optimum Frame technology delivers exceptional offensive and defensive play characteristics and includes an enlarged sweet spot for high repulsion performance. The frame’s Aerotec-Beam System minimizes air resistance while maintaining the strength of the frame to give you a competitive advantage. Wing Stabilzer technology has been included for reduced vibration. HDF Shock Absorption System is a space age, light weight material injected into the racquet’s frame to absorb shuttle impact which yields a improved power. Bio-Inner-Cone technology in the shaft improves flexibility and enhances the overall control and feel of the racquet. MPCF Reinforcing Technology and TB Nano Powertec create a stronger and more durable racquet frame without compromising the overall weight of the racquet.

Product Features

  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Weight: 85-89 grams (3U)
  • Balance: 298 mm
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