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HXDZFX 6 PCS Tennis Vibration Dampeners For Tennis Squash Racket – Silicone – Premium Durable

Package Contents:6 PCS Vibration Dampeners
Great novelty vibration dampeners to brighten your day. These tennis racquet vibration dampener sets will be the talk of the court. Keep them all for yourself or give them away. Make a great gift for tennis fanatics. They are also excellent for kids.
Tennis Elbow:
The main use of these vibration dampeners is to lessen the racket vibration when you hit the ball. When the ball is struck the vibration travels from your racket to your hand and up your arm. Most people have heard of tennis elbow. A stiff racket can produce a lot of vibration and this can lead to tennis elbow. Having a flexible racket and a vibration dampener will lessen the chances of tennis elbow.
The range of different vibration dampeners in this set give you a spectrum of dampening effect. Generally the larger the dampener the more it will dull the vibration. You can try each dampener until you find your desired level of feel and comfortability.
Other Uses:
Gifts for tennis fanatics
For kids as gifts or motivational tools
Red heart,Can be presented to the beloved
Prizes in contests and competitions
To identify different rackets
To make people smile!
give your racquet some personality, change different everyday.
Idea for used on all tennis and squash racket, ideal rawards for kid’s lessons and Quickstart tennis play.
Tennis Vibration Dampeners:
The best vibration dampener pack for happy people. Use one tennis racket vibration dampener based on your mood, playing style or racket.

Product Features

  • Premium Durable,Original design embossed with the highest quality silicone for shock absorption.
  • Reduce the vibration from the racket, Protect your arms from harmful shock and vibration,Increases Comfort.
  • Light weight, the damping effect is prominent, with the racket firmly combined.
  • Meet your different shock requirements, while enhancing the racket decorative sense.
  • Kids and adults of all ages love our emoji tennis dampener!Button-style dampeners are great for players of all levels.
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