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1 pack badminton racket racquet Grommets Eyelets large package with all types Grommets stringing tools (white)

If you can carefully look at your racket before restring, when you find the grommet is damaged, you should be replace yourself or ask your stringer to help you replace it instead in order to avoid unnecessary damage of your racket. One packing including below types
single hole:2.1*6.0, 2.1*6.8, 2.1*7.9, 2.1*8.8, 2.1*13
double hole: 2.6*6.8, 2.6*7.9, 2.6*8.5, 2.6*10.7
jiont hole : short and long
7 jiont hole

Product Features

  • A small grommet will save your racket!
  • 1 pack about 2300 pcs
  • includes single holes,double holes and jiont hole,seven jiont hole
  • Model:AC-SM200
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