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Sixdaysox Men’s 6 Pack Sport Anti Odor Antibacterial Deodorant Cotton Performance Athletic Socks Medium Black

Sixdaysox anti-odor casual socks information

Material: 5% Silver fiber, 5% Lycra, 20% Nylon, 70% Combed cotton
Size: 6-10/ 10-13, fit both for men and women
Color: Black/ Gray/ Grey/ White
Net weight: About 25-30g for each pack/ pair
Fit season: All seasons
Type: Casual socks/ Athletic socks/ Crew socks/ Ankle socks
Applicable people: All people, especially for smelly feet
Care instruction: Hand wash/ Machine wash

Difference between bamboo charcoal fiber and sliver fiber in eliminating the peculiar smell

Bamboo charcoal fiber eliminates the peculiar smell by adsorbing the bad smell. So it dispels peculiar smell, but not completely solve the problem
However, silver fiber can kill the bacteria that causes the bad smell to keep your feet fresh and healthy

Main Functions of Sixdaysox silver fiber health socks

1. Anti-bacterial and anti-odor. Research shows, silver fiber can kill 650 kinds of bacteria with function of sterilise and deodorise
2. Sweat absorbent. Silver fiber helps take away the sweat and keep your feet ventilate
3. Eliminate static electricity and improve blood circulation
4. Balance body temperature.The sliver fiber can quickly distribute heat conduction on the skin, and reduce body temperature in hot days.
And when cold weather comes,it turns emit radiant energy to regulate body temperature

Product Features

  • Arch support to keep the sock firmly in place
  • Lightweight and comfortable, best for indoor and outdoor sports enthusiast
  • Keep your feet away from the bad smell
  • Breathable, sweat-absorbent and anti-static,help improve blood circulation
  • With silver fiber, the anti-bacteria and anti-odor effect can reach 99.9%,helping to eliminate body odor,providing a 24-hour anti-perspirant protection
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