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Yonex Power Cushion 03 Z Mens Badminton Shoes, US Shoe Size- 8 US / 7.5 UK

Offering an exceptional comfort thanks to an improved, breathable upper structure, the Yonex Cushion 03 Z men’s badminton shoes deliver superior stability for players seeking means to improve their movements on the courts. Furthermore, the pair utilises the Inner Bootie technology, as well as Flexion technology to ensure a more natural feet positioning and fit. The midsole on the other hand provides increased support with a special Power Graphite Sheet, and for more efficient energy management, the Power Cushion 03 Z comes with a Syncro-Fit insole. The shoes are made with quality fabrics, and the Hexagrip technology grants enhanced traction and smoother stride.

Product Features

  • P.U. Leather; Tough Brid Light for a Significant Reduction in Leg and Knee Stress; Syncro-Fit Insole Reduces Energy Wastage Through an Improved Fit;
  • Polyester Mesh; Inner Bootie Design for a Snug Fit; Power Graphite Sheet for Better Stability and Reduced Weight; Round Sole Providing Quick and Smooth Footwork;
  • Durable Skin Preventing Lateral Movements of the Foot; Toe Assist Shape for Enhanced Fit, Support and Smooth Motion; Non-marking Rubber Outsole;
  • Flexion Upper Asymmetric Design with a Curved Eyelets; 3-Layer Power Cushion for Shock Absorption and Enhanced Energy Transfer; Solid E.V.A.;
  • T.P.U. (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Support Reinforces the Foot During Quick, Lateral Movements; Hexagrip for Agile and Stable Footwork;
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