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Xero Shoes Prio – Trail and Road Running, Fitness, Athletic, Barefoot-inspired Shoe – Women’s Blue 7

“The Prio is the best minimalist shoe I’ve ever worn… and I’ve worn them all.” Danny Dreyer, Chi Running

NEW from Xero Shoes — seen on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Slip on your Prio, you’ll be comfortable running on the road, taking a trail run, hiking or walking, tackling a Crossfit workout or weightlifting session, or anything else you do on your feet.

What makes the Prio special? It’s all about NATURAL.

Natural FIT – A wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax.
Natural MOTION – Flexible enough to roll up and fit in your pack or pocket, Prio lets your feet bend and move naturally. A non-elevated, zero-drop heel allows for proper posture, and its low to the ground for balance and agility. (7-8mm stack height)
Natural FEEL – The patented FeelTrue sole gives you just-right protection plus the ground feedback and stimulation your feet (and brain!) want.

A huarache sandal-inspired reflective lacing system secures your heel. Adjustable instep straps hold down your midfoot.

Lightweight (W7 is 6 ounces), with Dual-Chevron treads for grip and traction.

No latex. No animal products. Vegan-friendly.

GUARANTEED performance — Xero Shoes have a 5,000 mile sole warranty. See the Seller’s website for full details.

GET YOUR SIZE: For correct fit, follow the instructions above.

Additional sizes/colors available at the company’s website.

Add To Cart Now! and Live Life Feet First in your new Xero Shoes.

Product Features

  • The lightweight, flexible performance shoe for road running, trail running, fitness, Crossfit, hiking, and more…
  • Foot-first design. Wide toe boxes let your toes spread and relax. Zero-drop, non-elevated sole for proper posture
  • Low-to-the-ground for balance and agility. The flexible sole lets your feet bend and move naturally.
  • FeelTrue sole gives you great traction, protection, and the stimulation and feedback your feet and brain want.
  • NOTE: For the best chance of a correct fit, please measure your foot: 1) Place a piece of paper on the floor, against a wall; 2) Step on the paper, your heel against the wall; 3) Mark the paper in line with your longest toe; 4) Measure that length with a ruler; 5) Compare that length to the sizing chart (link, above).
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