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Bison Paddles – PREMIUM Pickleball Paddle – Carbon Fiber, Honeycomb Polymer – Best ball control in the game! (White)

Bison Paddles: The world’s foremost in quality and durability among pickleball paddles. Made from the most exquisite high-quality carbon fiber, Bison Paddles provide the utmost control and ball placement imaginable!

Pickleball is the next up-and-coming sport in the United States. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just getting into the game, your Bison Paddle will not let you down! Our paddles are meticulously reviewed for defects and problems but remember, if within the first 12 months of purchase you find a defect with your paddle, contact us for a replacement paddle!

Product Features

  • Coated in exquisite carbon fiber material to provide the utmost control and ball placement! You will be turning heads left and right as you tap into the opponent’s kitchen!
  • Polymer honeycomb? You got it. The inside of the paddle is made from high-quality, durable honeycomb polymer that is quietly powerful as you smash the back line of your opponent!
  • Incredible comfort is provided by the cleanly wrapped rubber gripped and nicely stitched handle.
  • Show off your inner wild with our hand drawn Bison logo on your new beautifully crafted carbon fiber pickleball paddle! We are so confident in our paddles, that we will guarantee any defect not caused by normal, regular use within 12 months of play!
  • Used and loved by men, women, and children of all ages and skill levels!
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