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Wecan Badminton Shuttlecocks, Highly Durable and Stable Duck Feather Shuttlecocks for Club/Indoor/Outdoor Game/Play/Training,12 Pcs(Speed 76)

Feather Material: Full circle duck feather
Head Material: Composite double layer cork
Speed: 76/77
Application: club games,trainning, exercise and entertainment
Quantity: 12 pcs

In order to improve the service life of the shuttlecocks in the low temperature or dry climate, you can increase the humidity of the feathers by some water vapor before playing, but do not spray some hot water to the feather pieces.

Product Features

  • Featured Duck Feather: High quality full circle duck feather provide a smooth and stable flight and accuracy placement.
  • Durability: Premium feather and sturdy structure and composite double layer cork provide a continuously bounce and make the ball more durable to play.
  • Medium Speed: Speed 77/76, 77 flies a little faster than 76, both have excellent flight stability performance and accurate ball placement.
  • Application: Suitable for club game,trainning,exercise fitness and entertainments, especially for trainers,amateurs and beginners.
  • Packaging: Interior foil makes the badminton ball not affected by the overcooled or overheated environment, and can also prevent the steamed ball from evaporating too quickly.
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