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If you want to play sports while you are enjoying the outdoors, or relax a bit when you are working in the office, do not go without the Badminton beach game.

Material: Wood
Size: approx.32.5 * 19 * 0.9cm
Weight: approx. 445g

Package Included:
2 x Overmont badminton rackets
2 x replacement sponges
5 x Beach Flip Flops
5 x Three Hairs Flyers
1 x Canvas Bag

Product Features

  • With a canvas bag to store, it can be used as a backpack. It’s easy to carry
  • Double color swab handle, increases safety and protection to your hand when using.
  • Without limitation of place, I could play the office, beach, field or outdoors.
  • Training body coordination, improve visual sensitivity, improve movement accuracy, frozen shoulder ease, cervical spondylosis, reduce stress.
  • It has two types of steering wheel: steering wheel of three hairs (better for beginners, ideal for indoor and outdoor), steering wheel of beach (ideal for outdoors)
Badminton Court