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1. Lightweight design, ensures that your feet fit snugly and feel free. So you can move in the way you want to enjoy the incomparable pleasure of running.

2.Tip stylish, sight, personality, we have more sizes of color scheme for you and your family or lover or friends to choose from

3.Perfect for casual, running, running, indoor, outdoor, sports, travel, exercise, training. The shock absorber sole utilizes a technology that dynamically adapts to the ever-changing force exerted on the foot during the run on each foot stop. It is soft and protective to cushion every step.

Package: 1 pair of men’s shoes (not including shoebox)

Size Chart for Men: Attention: All our shoes are in Chinese size (CN). Please pay attention to the differences!

Size: 39 Foot Length: 24.5cm/9.7″ Foot wide: 9.5cm/3.7″ CN: 245 EU: 39 UK: 6 US: 7

Size: 40 Foot Length: 25cm/9.8″ Foot wide: 9.5-10cm/3.7-3.9″ CN: 250 EU: 40 UK: 6.5 US: 7.5

Size: 41 Foot Length: 25.5cm/10″ Foot wide: 10cm/3.9″ CN: 255 EU: 41 UK: 7 US: 8

Size: 42 Foot Length: 26cm/10.2″ Foot wide: 10-10.5cm/3.9-4.1″ CN: 260 EU: 42 UK: 7.5 US: 8.5

Size: 43 Foot Length: 26.5cm/10.4″ Foot wide: 10.5cm/4.1″ CN: 265 EU: 43 UK: 8 US: 9

Size: 44 Foot Length: 27cm/10.6″ Foot wide: 10.5-11cm/4.1-4.3″ CN: 270 EU: 44 UK: 8.5 US: 9.5

Size: 45 Foot Length: 27.5cm/10.8″ Foot wide: 11cm/4.3″ CN: 275 EU: 45 UK: 9 US: 10

Size: 46 Foot Length: 28cm/11.0″ Foot wide: 11-11.5cm/4.3-4.5″ CN: 280 EU: 46 UK: 9.5 US: 10.5

Size: 47 Foot Length: 28.5cm/11.2″ Foot wide: 11.5cm/4.5″ CN: 285 EU: 47 UK: 10 US: 11

Product Features

  • 1.Tip Noble design, seeing, personality, we have more sizes to choose color design for you and your family or friends or lover
  • 2. Easy walking shoe, comfortable slip-on design, fashion and personality
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