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Badminton for Kids,Easiest Racket Game all over the world,Best for Boys & Girls Ages 6+,Also for adults at all age,Indoor and Outdoor Paddle Game,Amazing Choice for Exercising (Upgraded Wooden)

Pre-school badminton is the easiest racket game all over the world!The funnest racquet game to rull them all

New Addtion Badminton
2 paddles, high elastic smonthly and 4 birdies; Feathers are glued to the birdie tip with special water-resistant glue;
it is similar to badminton,but it is easier than that,great for kids beginner.

Amazing Choice for Exercising
it is great for your hand-eye coordination and cardio. Which is necessary for competitive racquets sports like tennis and squash,
And you can play as near as 5 feet to 30 feet.(backyard or indoor)

Fit for Everyone
It is a fantastic way to introduce racquet sports to younger children.ages at 6+;also it is fit for old adults who do not have enough energy to play badminton;of course,
all the parents can play with your little kids to help them improve their skills.

What is in package?
2 × paddles
4 × Birdies

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Product Features

  • ◆CONTAINS: Contains 2 Paddles and 4 Birdies in a Reusable Mesh Bag,Easy portable when having picnic or other outdoor activities
  • ◆BEST INDOOR GAME: incredible fun for any age and skill level,the all-season racket, paddle game that takes the best parts of badminton, ping pong, tennis and paddle ball;The birdies slow as they spin to create a magical racket sport rally for young children to adults!
  • ◆WATER-RESISTANT: We use a special water-resistant glue to attach the feathers that you can play in the pool, at the beach or anywhere else.MULTIPLE PLAYING!
  • ◆SPECIFICATION: Product Measures 13 x 7.5 x 0.2 in inches | 33.1 x 19 x 0.5 in centimeters | Product Weighs Approximately 0.67 lbs / 0.3 kgs;Great size for kids to handle-Best way to introduce racquet sports to children | Play over a badminton net for competitive fun | Simple, easy, and ridiculously fun!
  • ◆GUARANTEE:SHAWE is always offering best product for all customers with better service.30 day no questions asked return policy and free returns!
Badminton Court