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SkillFit 15-Foot Footwork Agility Ladder and A3 Laminated Drill Chart for Speed Training Fitness Workouts and HIIT Cardio with 11 Adjustable Rungs

An exciting workout you will actually look forward to. If you’re an athlete, the ability to change positions with quick, controlled movements gives you a clear advantage. The SkillFit Agility Ladder is an inexpensive piece of equipment that you can roll out on any surface, and then move through the rungs to improve speed, balance and body control. Agility ladder workouts are fast-paced and constantly changing, so they keep you engaged in both mind and body. Fun in a confined space The 15′ SkillFit Agility Ladder comes with 11 durable plastic rungs which you can adjust to varying distances. This determines the difficulty of your run. To make longer runs, connect additional ladder segments by the triangle hooks; when used on soft ground, you can stake the ladder down using 4 included metal pegs. Agility training has the added benefit of improving cognitive performance, including vigilance. It takes great focus to learn a movement pattern without looking down. To aid in this, we made our rungs of high-visibility neon yellow. With fast foot strikes and knee lifts, you will enhance your reflexes and respond with renewed swiftness. To get you started on the path to agility, speed and dynamic balance, we include with your purchase a laminated regimen poster of training drills. Once you try the SkillFit Agility Ladder, you will be hooked on this fun, whole-body training. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance The SkillFit Agility Ladder is covered by a Lifetime Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason our product does not meet your expectations, please return it for replacement or a full refund. Take your workout in a new direction. Add the SkillFit Agility Ladder to your cart today.

Product Features

  • 15′ LADDER also includes; 4 metal stake pegs; 11 durable rungs with triangular plastic hooks to attach multiple ladders for longer training runs; wall chart; and nylon drawstring bag to carry everything
  • LAMINATED WALL POSTER details 8 drills and exercises, with varying degrees of difficulty, which can be used to train. Improve your lateral speed, balance, and rhythm and body control with ladder drills
  • 4 RUST-RESISTANT STAKES secure the ladder to the ground when used on grass. Adjustable rungs let you determine your own spacing for more grueling workouts, or set them to accommodate shorter people
  • HI-VIS NEON RUNGS enhance spatial perception, giving you confidence for accelerated foot strikes. Improve your speed, agility and leg strength as you challenge yourself in high-intensity workouts
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY and money-back guarantee ensures your satisfaction. If SkillFit Agility Ladder does not perform to your expectations, return it for replacement or full refund of your purchase price
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